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Executive Board

There are seven elected Executive Board positions. Board members are elected for a term of one year, not to exceed four consecutive years. Candidates for the Board must be docents/volunteer members who are not employed at an AZADV Organizational or Organizational Affiliate member. AZADV members must be present at the Delegates’ meeting for the election. The Board elects one of its members to serve as Chairman for the term of the Board and appoints a non-voting Parliamentarian, whose job it is to advise the Board on matters of parliamentary procedure.

Lisa DeVos

Chair & Membership Chair

Essex County Turtle Back Zoo

Membership Chair since 2016


  • Time Commitment: > 10–15 hours per week.
  • Accurately maintains a database of members.
  • Sends renewal notices and membership cards.
  • Sends membership cards, Bylaws, AZAD History and Disruptive Behavior rules to new members.
  • Distributes roster updates to Executive Board monthly.

Linda Kendzierski

Public Relations Director

Greensboro Science Center

Public Relations Director since 2018


  • Time Commitment: > 5 hours per week.
  • Lead for member recruitment and retention.
  • Liaise with AZA and AAZK.
  • Manages the reciprocal benefits and merchandise programs.
  • Maintains and revises AZADV brochures.
  • Furthers public awareness of AZADV.

Tim Kouba

Conference Advisory Director

Oklahoma City Zoo

Conference Advisory Director since 2017


  • Time Commitment: > 10 hours per week.
  • Recruits and works with conference hosts.
  • Updates conference guidelines.
  • Keeps records of past conferences.
  • Sends most recent Final Report to elected hosts in the planning stages.

Katie Oeschger

Newsletter Editor

Potter Park Zoo

Newsletter Editor since 2016


  • Time Commitment: 30-40 hours per issue.
  • Annually produces 4-5 issues.
  • Establishs the production and mailing dates.
  • Plans newsletter content.
  • Solicits content, designs, and proofreads newsletter.
  • Position requires strong word processing and design skills.

Julie Reinbrecht


Mesker Park Zoo and Botanical Garden

Treasurer Since 2018


  • Time Commitment: > 5 hours per week
  • Is bonded.
  • Maintains AZADV checking account and monitors investments.
  • Manages cash flow and expenditures.
  • Collects and deposit annual dues and all other funds.
  • Develops annual budget.
  • Prepares financial statements, bank reconciliation, and expenditure reports.
  • Works closely with the Membership Chair regarding membership renewal and application forms
  • Furnishs financial records annually to CPA for Agreed Upon Procedures report and preparation of annual Association tax return.
  • Checks biannually that the Resident Agent of Illinois is still active.
  • Works closely with successor to ensure all final reports are completed and to facilitate a smooth transition.
  • Knowledge of word-processing, Excel, and QuickBooks required.
  • Position requires accounting and financial statement experience, preferably with not-for-profits.

Caryn St Clair

Caryn St Clair

Extension Director

Saint Louis Zoo Endangered Wolf Center

Extension Director since 2019


  • Time Commitment: > 5-10 hours per week.
  • Lead for member benefits and resources.
  • Liaises with conference delegates throughout the year.
  • Manages the annual Delegate Meeting.
  • Oversees the Social Media and Travel Subcommittees.

Toni Tront


Detroit Zoo

Secretary since 2018


  • Time Commitment: > 2.5 hours per week.
  • Prepares agenda and travel schedules for Board meetings.
  • Records the minutes of all Board meetings and the annual Delegates' Meeting.
  • Ensures that the abbreviated minutes of the annual Delegates’ Meeting are approved by Board members before being read at the Opening Session of the annual conference.
  • Maintains the AZADV Executive Board, Bylaws and Rules Committee, and the Nominating Committee Notebooks.
  • Maintains an inventory of all AZADV owned items.
  • Notifies, in writing, all committee members of their election or appointment.
  • Strong word processing skills required.

Patty Whitecotton


Oklahoma City Zoo

Parliamentarian since 2017


  • Advises the Chairman and other officers, committees, and/or members on matters of parliamentary procedure.
  • Assists with questions throughout the year that may arise in interpreting bylaws and rules or in connection with the work of the Executive Board, and/or committees
  • Must be available for consultation during the Executive Board Interim meeting and must attend the Executive Board Meetings held in conjunction with the annual conference. Does not make motions and does not vote during meetings.
  • Conducts the election of the AZADV Chairman at the In-coming/Out-going Executive Board meeting.
  • Assists in the planning and steering of business to be introduced at the annual Delegates' Meeting.
  • Attends the Delegates' Meeting at the annual conference and acts as the "Timer."
  • In-depth knowledge of parliamentary procedure required.