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Organizational Affiliate


This membership is intended for an organization that has a similar/compatible objective as AZADV.

Newsletter Subscription

Symbiosis, the Association's quarterly newsletter, is exclusive to members. The newsletter features educational articles submitted by industry professionals and AZADV members, news, and information about upcoming events. Members are encouraged to submit content for the newsletter. Members automatically receive Symbiosis in print format unless indicated otherwise on the membership form.


There are many benefits to attending the annual AZADV conference. Learn about the challenges and opportunities that zoos and aquariums are facing, and how your efforts can make an important impact. Our conference speakers are industry leaders with years of experience in zoo and aquarium advocacy and conservation. Any AZADV member can share their knowledge with conference attendees by leading a presentation. The conference provides many events and activities for interacting with fellow members. Annual activities include a photo contest, silent auction, raffle, and Zoo Day, which gives members behind-the-scenes access to wild animals and marine life.

Private Facebook Group

Join the conversation with more than 640 members from zoos and aquariums around the world. It is a great way for members to share their knowledge and experiences with each other. One representative of the affiliate organization may join the closed Facebook group.

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1 Year: $25
2 Years: $48
3 Years: $69